Angular 4 with .NET (webForms/MVC) Tutorial - Table Of Content

After quite some time, the time for me to start playing with Angular4 has come, and as a .NET developer, used to integrate AngularJS (angular1) with my WebForms / MVC / SharePoint solutions, suddenly there is a CLI, new unknown files, and questions jumps:

- Where is the AngularJS file?
- Where is MY code?
- How do i integrate Angular4 with my .Net solution, MVC or WebForm?
- Why do i need all this CLI and NodeJS?

well, i would like to answer all of that, after answering that to my self, and share that with you.

so i'll just build some posts

1. Angular 4 - History, Why(s), Angular 4 Basic Design.
2. Angular 4 - Understanding Angular 4 Basics and Files.
3. Working with Angular 4 and .Net the right way - WebApi
4. Taking Angular 4 as Stand Alone with Asp.Net Web Forms and MCV

Hope you Enjoy!


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