Linq Vs Mysql

the answer - mysql (and i guess any sql kind) is about 500-1000 times faster
BUT, yes we have a HUGE but - this is only for the query time the SQL query himself from the DB.
then we have transportation - there, the bigger the data requested is the more u might be better using Linq, AND we have a BUT here too - Linq depends on ur computer resources so...

anyway on my job's machine i did a query from a table with 300K+ rows.
when the answer was less than 100 rows the mysql was that fast.
when i tried something with 60k+ rows and another with 250K rows the Linq became 60%+ faster.
*!this does not include the initial query of all the 300K lines

Soooo...   for me it means that if i am gonna query something alot it might be better a Linq or even 2 querys on something with 60K+ rows

on 4K they r the same
20K Linq is faster by about 20%+
again my machine my router speed...

my conclusion:
*Linq is better when u query at least 3-5 times and more AND were talking about 10K+ rows a query
SQL is ALWAYS better if u query once (DAAA...)
*SQL is better when u query more than once AND were talking less about 5K+ rows a query
*these numbers also depend on transportation and W/O initial query


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