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This one is a long story...

My comps goes like this, I GET from API a list of config rows, each of those has a list of config fields, each of those dynamically renders to an appropriate component, 2 of them are inherited 1 from another.

The flow is:
1. CTOR and ngOnInit, subscribce to 2 observables, 2 http requests for data.
2. Both subscribces call a ready fn that triggers the *ngIf
3. Then there is an *ngFor for the rows and another *ngFor for the fields
4. Down there I have my #container's for placement of a dynamic component
5. In some cases, since the dynamic component is inherited, its calling ngOnInit twice (its parent's ngOnInit)

Lets see how can we overcome each of these problems...
For implementation, see in my specially crafted git.

Problem 1:  the containers prop (my QueryList) is undefined

@ViewChildren ('container', { read:ViewContainerRef }) containers: QueryList<ViewContainerRef>;
In Part 1 of my app, open the console and see for yourself, whe…

sharepoint 2013 workflow copy list item to another site - FULL TUTORIAL

This also works for SP2016, and most likely 2019.

There are quite a few tutorials out there, but each missing a step, so this is going to be a full one top to bottom.

I will make a rich tutorial with pictures, but lets review the steps, and how its done.

Workflows doesn't have a way to copy list items to another site, so you need to make an HTTP Request for that, with the Rest API. Also Workflows can't build really JSON objects, so we will need to create Workflow Dictionaries.

1. Have a source list on site A, and a destination list on site B, and open SharePoint Designer 2013 on site A.
2. Learn and test Rest request for adding an item.
3. Build our Workflow, and lets not forget to make the Request as an "App Step"
4. Enable site feature for app step
5. Give the app permissions on site B
6. Run on Item Created (for the example)
7. Error Handling

So lets go!

1. Have a source list on site A, and a destination list on site B, and open SharePoint Designer 2013 on site A.

Illegal state: Could not load the summary for directive

The above error in my case was because one of our own node modules was compiled with "node_modules" lib inside, after deleting it all worked again.

Note that with "ng build" we didnt get any errors only with "ng build -prod" (no need for double dash "--")

Error publishing (to Azure) dotnetcore app after upgrading from dotnetcore 2.0 to 2.1


We just upgraded from dotnetcore 2.0 to 2.1. Most stations had the build successfully except 1, but that was because he had some dependencies projects of his own, we changed them all to 2.1 and he also had referenced one of them both in Assembly and in Projects, we removes the assembly as suggested in stackoverflow.

Then while trying to publish we got this exception in most stations:

Assets file '(project)\obj\project.assets.json' doesn't have a target for '.NETCoreApp,Version=v2.0'. Ensure that restore has run and that you have included 'netcoreapp2.0' in the TargetFrameworks for your project.
Most answers hiding in github mentioned deleting the bin and obj, and than help a couple of stations.
We then also Clean and Rebuild, but that also helped just a couple more.

Eventually by mistake I played and changed the Publish Configuration Settings, Save, Publish, and back to old configuration and it worked. I guess that it cleaned it own publish conf …

Microsoft Flow - Form, into excel, create word document from template, send email, addressing Copy/Create File errors

Today a customer showed me a paper (invoice) recipe  he had to write into an excel, and then again into a word "thank you" for printing/emailing.

If you're here for the Copy/Create File errors, jump to the end.

So what we did is to prepare a Form for inputs, and then a Flow that takes that data, use "Insert Row" for excel.

Next was to create the word document. I've tried to create custom properties myself, but didn't manage so I followed Netwoven's tutorial, and the simple steps are:

1 - Create a Sharepoint Document Library and add your custom properties to the library as custom Fields.
2 - Go to Library Settings > Advanced Settings > click Edit Template
3 - The template will open an empty word document, edit it however you want
4 - Wherever you want one of the dynamic custom properties to fit in put your cursor there and click Insert > Quick Parts > Document Property > your custom Fields name
5 - Save the document as a normal .docx in…

Microsoft Flow - auto post in twitter and pinterest

The task at hand - a form, when filled, creates a post at [all] social networks, this blog is about twitter and pinterest.

Part 1 - prepare the image Twitter needs "file content" in its media field, while pinterest needs an image url open to the public. So [1st flow] was in OneDrive folder for those uploaded images, sending back the image ID to be used in the form. Can take a few minutes, sent to mail (better to send with the image).
The twitter account will create the public url for the image.
Part 2 - the form Most simple form, Title, Content and image id into [2nd flow] a Sharepoint list. If you're sure you're never going to use more than 255 characters you can just use the title (i dont like to extend title fields characters limit).
Part 3 - to the social media Next [3rd flow] when the SPItem is created, I use OneDrive "Get file content" for the file content and the "Title - Content" for the text, and post a new tweet. I then query tweets as &…

Becoming a (very Jn.) Hacker, how to, and my 1st Black Box Test

~ This is not a technical post, its a story post.
~ A story to whom just like stories, or to whom like to learn some lessons, and especially to anyone that wants to become a hacker.

Lately (like 6 last months) i'm starting to really go into hacking, it always interested me, but i could never find the time, plus, there was always another challenge @work like the new Angular.

But with time and effort, payment has become bigger, and with it my time.

And the 1st thing was how... from some videos and many SQL injections or XSS, DVWA ect. I didnt feel i'm learning anything other then extra web security.

Finally i found OverTheWire website, and finally i learn some "real" things, linux, php, memory, crypto, ssh, ect., all basics that I, as a web-programmer, had no clue. Only the web-based challenges were "natural" for me.

I can say that there I learned lesson no.1 - LEARNING.
In the world of hacking, you must be a weary-less learner, new things every time again, a…