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sharepoint 2013 and angular js - development tutorial

so we want to just do an SPA with angular for the "front end" site, and leave SP as a CMS well unless you put he main html file in the root, as in <server>\index.html, you will get a download everytime you try to browse to the file. this is a security feature and can be canceled with simple PS from here . the example is about html files. next thing, SP-wise, is getting your data. there you have 2 options, the "regular" rest api and the search rest api. the search, for getting data, is much faster, but you need to activate the search. url for search will always be like this /_api/search/query?querytext=<your query>&selectproperties='<Title,ListItemID, ect.>' notice that in the search you dont have the standard "Id" property but ListItemID. to map this enormous object to something normal, you can create a simple mapping function var toNormalItem = function ( ce