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Sharepoint 2013 very slow, improve performance

nothing from all that is from me and i'll post all the original links at the end. * NOTE: most of these things are only optional if you dont use the search, and you must remember to undo everything when the time to use search has come. * another note is that in reality you should have a fast HD, good connection, 4 CPUs, and if you heavily limit the noderunner.exe you can make it with 8GB. * third note is that all that doent greatly improve the performance, but does help in a noteable amount, especially after doing Copy to Sharepoint Root, so its worth it but its not redemption. 1 - stop the search: this one is a multi stage: A - go to Central Admin -> Manage Services on Server and stop these:         Search Host Controller Service              Search Query and Site Settings Service         Distributed Cache        B - Task Manager -> Services tab -> press the Services button and stop and disable the following:         Sharepoint Search Host Controller      

using JQuery.Deferred example

this is equals to OnAfterReady or OnReadyComplete, can also be used as OnClickComplete var jqReady = $.Deferred(); $(document).bind( "ready" , jqReady.resolve); $.when(jqReady).then( function () { });

SP.UI.ModalDialog call parent javascript expamlpe

1 - put ur script in a function, even if its a simple one, sometimes he wont know how to call it, expamlpe: function Part3_InvoiceGrid_reloadGrid() {   $( '#InvoiceGrid' ).trigger( 'reloadGrid' ); } 2 - from the modal window u call it like this (as simple as that): parent.Part3_InvoiceGrid_reloadGrid();  

Entity Framework (EF) Code First: NotMapped and WCF solved

hi all!! to all of u that ever tried to put a property in ur class, with the will that the EF wont put it in the DB yet will expose it, and tried to do the right thing using attribute "NotMapped" and it didnt work... well MS somehow made it that if u put NotMapped then u also lose the serialization part, meaning that its not a "DataMember" anymore. so there is a solution: add both NotMapped and DataMember. GL!