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SPFx REAL compatibily materix

Links for sources at the bottom, including Version Notes General Recommendations: 1. Use nvm  (nvm install <nodeVersion>, nvm use <nodeVersion>) ( official site ) 2. The rest do not install with -g 3. Sometimes the best solution is to uninstall node and clean npm from AppData 4. Testing CMD's at the bottom end [click the table to enlarge] According to this stackoverflow answers  they all prefer, at least up to spfx 1.11.0, and with node 10.x, to use gulp 3.9.1 and yo 3.1.0 SOURCES for versioning items SPFx - Node.js support for NPM - Gulp, Yeoman, and OnPrem - Angular according - node-sass version lock -  (vers

Flow How to test if MultiChoice is empty array?

Usually this should be empty, null or empty string. But after my migration  1. find the value, with loops it can be something like "items('Apply_to_each_2')?['Value']" 2. init variable and set it as Expression "string(items('Apply_to_each_2')?['Value'])" 3. test is vs "string('[]')"

SPFX Make Application Customizer for version 1.8.x

github solution made just for you ♥  1. create 2 projects, 1 as "2019 onwards" to select "Application Customizer" and another simple for SPO, I am assuming that the yo version in your machine is 1.8.x npm ls -g --depth=0 @microsoft/generator-sharepoint 2.  change accordingly values in       "/config/config.json"      "/config/package-solution.json" make sure you change words "webparts" to "extensions", also adding "ApplicationCustomizer" everywhere, including "...Strings" in last line of config.json create the "..ApplicationCustomizer.ts" file and all the files in its folder and create the 2 XML files under "sharepoint/assets" copy the GUID from "..ApplicationCustomizer.manifest.json"  to the XML's (and serve.json) 3. create npm-shrinkwrap.json with the following {     "dependencies" : {         "graceful-fs" : {             "version" : "4