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Power Apps Sort Alphabetically

 Collect(AllTags, 'list1'.'Tag Number', 'list2'.'Tag Number', list3.'Tag Number'); ClearCollect(disticntSortTags,     Distinct(         Sort( AllTags, Tag_x0020_Number, Ascending ) , Tag_x0020_Number)) Contact us now for more help developing great Power Apps!

microsoft flow (power automation) test if lookup is empty

 You need to use "empty" expression on the Lookup Value and Condition equals to expression "true" (of false or not equal ect.)

SFPx Node-Saas Error

 If you get this kind of error Node Sass does not yet support your current environment: Windows 64-bit with Unsupported runtime (83) or any other kind of gulp build errors, and if its after you upgraded to Node 14.X, and upgraded your YO generator, then its because all the dependencies changed, and you need to migrage. so here is a simple solution: 1. Create a side clean SPFx project (Webpart or Extension (Extension is only with 2019+)) 2. Save somewhere (just in case) the following files  package.json, tsconfig.json, package-lock.json 3. Copy from your new project to your old project only 2 files   package.json, tsconfig.json * change the name and version of your project in the package.json file 4. Run gulp clean 5. Run npm install 6. Run gulp build ect. Do you need an SPFx Developers? Contact us now!