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my post and thoughts about what is a Senior Developer

So i've just written a post measuring myself according to  Programmer Competency Matrix , and i know this matrix for a long time and its a really awesome matrix to test for a highly technologically skilled developer, i think that a real senior is something even past a Team Leader, and for that i'll try to build my own matrix, and comment be about it :D. Some of these thoughts you can read from some links i collected here p.s. IMHO anyone that is intermediate in in all skills can be a great Team Leader, since the main thing about being a TL is the mentoring and grouping part. I see many TL that are noobs/juniors in many of these fields. Don't think i am anywhere near senior, am a "proud" junior trying to advance into mid, but i take a look at a couple of real senior @work and this is more of my observation about them and after getting pounded by their feedback. skill noob junior intermediate senior tech skill - measured by Programmer Competenc

self-test for the Programmer Competency Matrix by Sijin Joseph

The Programmer Competency Matrix by  Sijin Joseph  is a table of parameters to test the reward you will get from a programmer vs the effort you'll put in him. Also is considered to measure whether a programmer is noob, junior, intermediate, or senior, which is a whole subject by itself that i hope to write about next time. anyway, for the fun and interest, i will test myself, as objective as i can be, (i'll ask some guys @work to correct me and update), so the columns will be subject, my notes, score. 0-3 will be the scores so 0 is total noob, 32 is junior, 64 is intermediate and 96 is senior. Note that since there is such a huge variety of skill someone that actually scores 96 is like the top of the world senior, and you should thing it more like 0-32,  32-60, 60-75, 75-96, since scoring 32 should be quite fast to any programmer that wants to step up, and anyone that scores 2 in everything is really a junior-senior, and even just a few scores of 3 is a real senior alrea