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BCS / BDC Full Tutorial

for some reasons all posts work upside down - make a step, see the error, fix. so lets go from start to end. you have an sql table and you want it in your sharepoint as a list or for search. OOTB you can do it with SQL, WCF, or .net assembly. with some code you can make it work with almost anything, but some1 has done it already for you: . they also have an extension for VS2010 (only), very nice. STEP 1: have a sharepoint farm, web, site collection and web. well i am kinda counting on you here, create youself all that until you have a web with the ability to create lists. STEP 2: have an external content source. with permissions. in our case its gonna be an sql table. and so you need a user that will have permissions to walk around in your data, and it needs to be the same one that will get permission in the bcs, and he should have permissions to your site. you should give permissions according to the actions yo

really adding WCF to sharepoint existing project

story is like this: we have a Sharepoint (10) solution, with already 12 (yep...) projects and we need a new service so... why another project? Sharepoint is a platform. there are many sites explaining what and how to do it but i found them all being either too long, making it somehow too complex(msdn), or no accurate so i'll add mine. my no.1 source: . in the end its so simple: add a Sharepoint Mapped to ISAPI folder, inside create a new folder of your own service, and now you need inside there 4 files: 1. YourService.cs 2. IYourService.cs 3. YourService.svc 3. web.config (which is the main reason you want your own folder). the inner content of the cs files copy from the url above, about the svc here is a simpler version: <% @ ServiceHost Language ="C#" Debug ="true" CodeBehind ="fileOfClass.cs"      Service ="yourNameSpa

fighting IE

well, lets start that IE is not a browser, as in just a web browser with a web kit, its more, like the SP optimizations and other programs you can build into it. that could be great if not that MS wants to dedicate it to web browsing too. so any1 that tried to build a nice page will understand this: its about 6 but relevant forever anyway this proj i really had to fight it, and its not fun :( simplest solution to most situations where it just look great everywhere and IE just MUST move it aside a few pic is to make another IE only css file, and load it after the main <!--[IF IE]><link  rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/Style%20Library/Nifgashim/Styles/IE.css"><![endif]--> you can put there other solutions i will mention as well. Problem : anchor hovering (a:hover), and hovering in general doesnt work! i found that this problem i