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Becoming a (very Jn.) Hacker, how to, and my 1st Black Box Test

~ This is not a technical post, its a story post. ~ A story to whom just like stories, or to whom like to learn some lessons, and especially to anyone that wants to become a hacker. Lately (like 6 last months) i'm starting to really go into hacking, it always interested me, but i could never find the time, plus, there was always another challenge @work like the new Angular. But with time and effort, payment has become bigger, and with it my time. And the 1st thing was how... from some videos and many SQL injections or XSS, DVWA ect. I didnt feel i'm learning anything other then extra web security. Finally i found OverTheWire website, and finally i learn some "real" things, linux, php, memory, crypto, ssh, ect., all basics that I, as a web-programmer, had no clue. Only the web-based challenges were "natural" for me. I can say that there I learned lesson no.1 - LEARNING. In the world of hacking, you must be a weary-less learner, new things every ti