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get TermSet Name (Label) by language (LCID)

today is a small story of how i won MS :) well i decided i want to make a custom navigation based on MMD, and with the site being with variations i need to be able to decide witch language i need. with Terms its pretty easy, you defauld method "GetDefaultLabel" accepts LCID, but with TermSet it just brings you the default language on the server, if the TermSet has one. finally i got help from my best friend, System.Reflection, and this is the code: Dictionary < int , string > names =     ts.GetType().GetProperty( "Names" ,     System.Reflection. BindingFlags .NonPublic |      System.Reflection. BindingFlags .Instance).     GetValue(ts) as Dictionary < int , string >; string label = names.Where(n => n.Key == lcid).First().Value;