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Javascript filter Table/GridView Search Pop Row example

well, in my workplace the guys used the jq grid plugin and changed acostumized it, but it seems too much work for doing just the search pop row, so that how it went: *notice that in my version there are columns to be hidden, so if u dont have some like that u can just skip all the "display == "none" )" parts. part 1: create the pop row with txt's, < script type ="text/javascript"> $( function () {     var table = document.getElementById( "dgvUsersCompanies" );     var body = table.getElementsByTagName( 'tbody' )[0];     var headerRow = body.rows[0];     var row = body.insertRow(1);     row.setAttribute( "id" , "theSearchRow" );     var cell0 = row.insertCell(0);     cell0.innerHTML =        "<input type='button' value='Search:' onclick='FilterDGV()' />" ;     for ( var i = 1; i < headerRow.cells.length; i++) {        if (header

c# Service Play Sound with NAudio example by Moshe

windows server 2008 or vista forword if u host a service W/O a user loggon the system wont start the audio devices. to solve this u can use the dear NAudio Dll from  - its open source. but its a damn long (and helpful) code while u wont a simple service with only 1 CS page, so my Dear Team Chief and IT man Moshe reduced that to a single CS page just to play the sounds and here u go: using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using NAudio.Wave; using NAudio.CoreAudioApi; using System.ComponentModel.Composition; using NAudio.Wave.SampleProviders; namespace CallAndRead {     public interface IInputFileFormatPlugin    {        string Name { get ; }        string Extension { get ; }        WaveStream CreateWaveStream( string fileName);    }        [ Export ( typeof ( IInputFileFormatPlugin ))]    class WaveInputFilePlugin : IInputFileFormatPlugin    {