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PowerApps Patch new SharePoint list item with conditional / dynamically adding fields

Important   if you get an error that says: powerapps patch sharepoint list error the specified column "" does not exist the column with the most similar name is "" that would be because you use the column DisplayName instead of the InternalName Solution:  Set(oItem, {     Title:me.displayName,     EmpITref:{Id:meSP.ID, Value:meSP.Title},     EducationLevel:EducationLevel.SelectedText.Value,     CertCount:vis,     WorkYearsExp:WorkYearsExp.SelectedText.Value,     anythingElse:anythingElse.Text,     DigitalSignature:DigSign.Text }); If(vis<>0, Set( oItem, Patch (oItem, {     Cert1_x002d_OrgAd:cert1_orgAd.Text,      Cert1_x002d_Title: cert1_title.Text,     Cert1_x002d__x0023_:cert1_No.Text,      Cert1_x002d_GrantDate:cert1_grant.SelectedDate,     Cert1_x002d_exp_x002e_Date:cert1_exp.SelectedDate }))); If(vis=2, Set( oItem, Patch (oItem, {     Cert2_x002d_OrgAd:cert2_orgAd.Text,      Cert2_x002d_Title: cert2_title.Text,     Cert2_x002d__x0023_:cert2_No.Text,