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How to update TaxonomyField sharepoint 2013

the most simple solution, and occasionally the only working one, is to find the Term itself and send it and let SP to handle everything else, and the code is much shorter this is the code for updating the field Term ItemTypeTerm = GetTermByName() ; if (ItemTypeTerm != null ) {     TaxonomyField ItemTypeField =                     ( TaxonomyField )f.Fields.GetFieldByInternalName( "CbsMMDItemType" );       ItemTypeField.SetFieldValue(field, ItemTypeTerm); }

Sharepoint 2013 SPView does not bring all items and/or fields

i created a handler to bring me a view, so say i had this url for the view "http://server/sub1/sub2/Lists/myList/myItems.aspx" to i sent my view the server relative url "/sub1/sub2/Lists/myList/myItems.aspx" and used it to open a new SPSite and SPWeb and get the items, yet i just couldn't get all my items. yet when i tried by using the SPContext.Site it worked. i dont know why, but the context of how the SPSite was opened affects the view. my final code looks like this using ( SPSite tempSite = new SPSite (serverUrl + serverRelativeViewUrl)) {     using ( SPWeb getUrlWeb = tempSite.OpenWeb())       {             spwebUrl = getUrlWeb.ServerRelativeUrl;       } } using ( SPWeb tempWeb = spContext.Site.OpenWeb(spwebUrl)) {       string viewUrl = item.MethodValue;       if (viewUrl.StartsWith( "/" ) == false )       {             viewUrl = "/" +

Search Application Topology errors (sharepoint 2013)

you may have encountered this problem like this "SharePoint 2013 Search Topology Activation Error: "Unable to retrieve topology component health states. This may be because of the admin component is not up and running". or like this, having index partition or any other of the 5 components with a warn or error (image is edited to fit). a more common case we had was having noderunner limited to 300MB. so the solution was to bring it up to 500. C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office Servers\15.0\Search\Runtime\1.0\noderunner.exe.config the conclusion is that noderunner without enough memory eventually throw an error.

angular ngrepeat startWith filter

today i had some fun trying to make a "startWith" filter for ng-repeat. simple start with the most simple solution is to modify the default angular filter, just this line inside the filter function, deep inside the angular.js file there is our function " function filterFilter() ", find this line return ( '' + obj).toLowerCase().indexOf(text) > -1; and you only need to change it to return ( '' + obj).toLowerCase().indexOf(text) === 0; example : any word start with but then they asked that if we have "In God I Really Do Trust" that 't' will bring it, i.e. make a filter that will find if any word start with, so I made a little nice filter, it even supports object to 1 level depth maybe there is an OOTB way to do it while working on all that I noticed that the default filter comes with a comparator, so w

Server Control with Child Control, dynamic created, retain control

public class RelatedPublicationFilesSave : Control {     protected HiddenField _test;     protected override void OnInit( EventArgs e)     {         base .OnInit(e);         _test= new HiddenField ();         _test.ID = "_test" ;         this .Controls.Add(_test);     }     protected override void OnLoad( EventArgs e)     {         _RelatedPublicationFilesSave =             this .FindControlById( "_test" ) as HiddenField ;         Log .Debug( "_test.Value: " + _test.Value);     } } the point is that OnInit happens before the page parses itself, so creating the control there without passing any value to it with the same ID will eventually render the same "name" property (UniqueID) and thus assigning the right values from the request. lets do another example, answering this , where we want to add a table with dynamic Checkboxes count.

make sharepoint (and faster by bypassing internet certificate checks

NOTE that all that means less security. Part 1: tell you machine that you are MS certificate domain Run -> drivers -> etc -> edit the "hosts" file. add "" sometimes the machine will not let you to edit the file directly so just make a copy, edit it and paste it back. Part 2:  tell .Net to to check certificates run this powershell script that will put something in the registry that tells .Net to to try and check the certificates, this is the PS: get-ChildItem REGISTRY::HKEY_USERS | foreach-object {set-ItemProperty -path ("REGISTRY::\" + $_.Name + "\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\WinTrust\Trust Providers\Software Publishing") -name State -value 146944} NOTE that you will get multiple errors running this script, since it does not test which item in the final sub folder is valid.  in order to test if the script worked you will need to go deep in to that sub folder and look for