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What every Browser knows about you

using this nice tool to see how anon i can get, lets go table will contain: method (browser + proxy/vpn), location, OS, browser, plugins (of browser), hardware, prev page, public ip, local ip, ISP, speed. surfing with just chrome , normal connection, the site i am visiting knows everything about me, that i use chrome (and what version), my location, my OS, my display hardware, the last page i've been, my exact public and local IP, and my download speed, the social media i am currently logged in, and that there is a devices in my network (i think its my printer). now with tor , normal connection, normal config, leaving tor at its default size, JavaScript Enabled . proxy's location proxy's OS right browser version (FF 52) proxy's hardware and down-speed social media not shown logged-in, yet i never logged in with FF or Tor, so i cant tell. cant scan network tor   JavaScript Disabled : that website does not show any i

Angular add more html pages

1. ng-build with your index.html set properly with its components. (or conditional app-components ) 2. rename and copy the rendered to (for example)  /src/search.html 3. in angular.json ( angular-cli.json for pre v5) find "assets" : "assets" : [ "src/favicon.ico" , "src/search.html" , "src/assets" ], browse localhost:4200/search.html enjoy :)