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AngularJS how to cast html element

this will usually be used by SharePoint Developers since in angular u have the ngBindHtml. but in SP u usually get a fields as a complete html like LinkFields or ImageFields and u don't want to put then under a container, like the bindHtml force u, but to put it strait in a template. so I did this: < li ng-repeat ="item in" > < img cast-me ="Image" src ="../img/PrePic.JPG"/> < a href ="#" class ="linkArrow" cast-me ="Link2"></ a > </ li > and my castMe directive: Module.directive( "castMe" , function ($compile, $timeout) {    return {      link: function (scope, element, attrs) {        var newElem = angular.element(scope.item[attrs.castMe]);        $compile(newElem)(scope);        if (element.attr( 'class' ) !== '' )          newElem.attr( 'class' ,