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Microsoft Flow PowerApps Projects Time Management Apps - Part 1

Goal is to be able to manage how much time (in hours and minutes) the company spent each month.  Each Employee should write down when he started and when he finished, and calculate the time.  At each period of time we should be able to get a report of total time spend per client.  Design:  Data will be 2 SharePoint lists, one for clients names, other for the time spent.  List 1 is Title only for client name.  List 2: Title - client name Created - start time Created By - employee EndTime - end time ☺ TotalTime - calculated field for time ( =TEXT(EndTime-Created, "hh:mm") ) App1 - Employee chooses client, has 2 buttons, start and end App2 - Manager can choose month and gets a list of clients with their total time Lets start, SP as states App1 Drop "Items" Connected to SPList and "Value" to Title. Button Start to Flow is very simple, create a sharepoint list item with title of selected client. Since i wanted some message in the app i had the flow to return so

Microsoft Flow save email attachment with Hebrew Letter to OneDrive or SharePoint

Theoretically you could just use the OOTB template to save a GMAIL to SHAREPOINT But... As always with MS, nothing is really that simple. All you need to break this flow is a special Character... So here starts a journey to clean special characters, and i followed this blog post. My spec was to create some Folder under the default Documents Library of a modern Team Site, and each attachment sent to a specific Gmail account, to be saves in a sub-folder with the sender's name, and another sub-sub-folder with the subject name emails Attachments/Sender Name/email subject/file name.ext Playing with Flows, I 1st learned that in order for the flow to be triggered WITH attachments you must change " Has Attachments " and " Include Attachments " to "Yes", both under advanced options under "When a new email arrives" event Now we can start talking about the actual flow logic