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Share Folder to Multiple External Users one by onne - Power Automate (item created)

 Scenario: there is a new SP sub-folder every day with some files. this needs to be shared to about 40 different emails daily. BUT with 2 exclusions: 1. sometimes we want these 35 emails, sometimes some other 38 emails. so every day we exclude a few emails, every day different ones. 2. we do not want the "clients" to know about one another, so no bulk sharing or just external link, only share 1 by 1. SOLUTION: 1. SPList for emails ("clients") 2. SP Library containing "main" folder, inside we create daily SP sub-folder with a name (usualy just the date like "25.8.23") 3. SPList for trigger the flow (power automate) on item created, getting from+archive for daily broadcast 4. flow for filtering out excluded emails, and sending 1 by 1 a share email. lets go 1. SPList for emails ("clients") really nothing other than new list, Title for "client name" and another text field for email 2. SP Library containing "main" folder,