Bresleveloper's AngularJS Tutorial : Table of Content

 1st let me introduce you to a colleague tutorial, more in-depth,, my tutorial is a bit more practical one, bottom-line kind, as u'll see.

the best video to start with is defenetly this one :
let me also ask u to read this:
while adding 1 more thing : LEARN KNOCKOUT JS!! it will give u understanding about MVVM and DataBinding and it will easy ur understanding here and about the very basics of Javascript, plus they have and awesome tutorial (~1 hour) :

now that u have the very basics lets start to see the middle basics that there is still no tutorials or docs for them yet. let me add that I think angular is really a "Superheroic JS MVW Framework", but it needs a lot of understanding and learning.

for everything I have an Asp.Net WebApp u can download from my skydrive here :!227&authkey=!AO_dsCMOFqndeLU

notice I put a lot of logs in the JS in order for us to open the console and understand whats happening.
another tool is the Chrome Extension Angular Debugger - Batarang:

1. Controller with Ajax : ://
2. Basic Route / Routing : ://
3. Basic+ Route / Routing : ://
4. QueryString - $location :


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