Bresleveloper's AngularJS Tutorial : QueryString - $location

1st thing is that $location does everything the usual window.location but only under the module, everything after the hash tag(#).
in case u want the usual's they have $window as a wrapper to window (if u wanna know why go read :)).

so I am currently testing what we can do with that.
initially, if u look in my examples Ex 12-17 I got some conclusions:
1. changing anything in the $location while using $routeProvider refreshes the page.
2. u cant use $route and $routeParams in a service.
3. but u can use $location and everything is there
4. after an some more complex rendering events like Ajax based on my big proj the "updates" we put in the $location r sometimes being overrun and cleared.

so currently I think there is not much to do by combining the 2 unless like ur intending to refresh ur page with it. sound logical, just beware and put some logs to supervise what's happening.

exploring with event driven development the conclusion is that its basically useless, as after every event it gets deleted, and can only be used as a side base storage since it doesnt support the "back" in the browser.

cyu until next time


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