how to edit Javascript (ar any) file in Sharepoint from VisualStudio

this is a nice little secret i've learned today from our new friend Horhe!

in ur machine right click Computer =>>Manage =>> right click Features =>> Add Features =>> choose (or make sure u have it) Desktop Experience.

then say ur site is "MySite". u can open a folder by this path "\\MySite\style library" in the file explorer. now u can edit that file anywhere, VS, notePad, Submile ect. and just by clicking CTRL + S and F5 u have ur new file in the browser!!.

*REMEMBER 1: unless u canceled versions u need to checkout the file (and if u did canceled i must not check it out)
*REMEMBER 2: plz dont forget to eventually copy the file to TFS or whatever backup u use.



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