Sharepoint 2013 Create Anonymous Extension - the TRUE and REAL tutorial

so the web is full, with partials tutorials, so the noob me is gonna write the conclusions of 2 half days of suffering (THX MS!). sry for the big pics, i decided to make it ugly but friendly.

1. go to Central Admin, Application Management, Manage web applications. Click on your webApp and then in the ribbon click (on the right) Extend. do the usuall with 2 exceptions: 1st choose allow anonymous, 2nd DONT remove the window authentication not its NTLM checkbox, we will need it yet and remove it in the end. (if u want to be sure click Authentication Providers and choose your new extension and allow all site, but its usually ok unless u changes something).
2. go to you brand new site (you should not touch your admin site - thats only a myth), you should have a ribbon cuz ur authenticated (logged in to SP) go to Site Settings, Site Permissions, you should now see in the ribbon Anonymous Access, click it and the modal should already have chosen Entire Web Site and click OK (if u dont see the ribbon go to http://urNewSiteName/_layouts/settings/aspx). you should now see a new group named anonymous

3. now that is very not enough for sharepoint. now you need to tell him that all kind of different libraries should inherit those permissions. most of them you will find in from this page by clicking the yellow thingy that is saying: well, just read the yellow thingy here:

click it and go library after library (usually only 2) and click on Delete Unique Permissions

3.5 and that is still not enough, there is 1 library he wont tell you about, go to Site Setting, Master Pages and Page Layouts (Mater Pages Gallery), Library Setting, Permissions for this Document Library, and do the same thing.

4. finally u can make ur site anon, go back to Central Admin and back to click on Authentication Providers (if u forgot then go to step 1) and click on the new extension and now unckeck the NTLM only.

if u get 500 at some point then the IIS lost his head, do iisreset (from the run window)
if u still get 401 then one of the following:
1 - there is a library that u didnt gave it permissions yet.
2 - u havnt published the page
3 - u try in ur code to do stuff that needs a user like accessing libraries and DBs, use SPSecurity.RunWithElevatedPrivileges(() => //code );

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