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Sharepoint OOTB pages - content types and fields

Base Page CT - "System Page", ID 0x010100C568DB52D9D0A14D9B2FDCC96666E9F2, columns:
Content Typec042a256-787d-4a6f-8a8a-cf6ab767f12dSelect5f47e085-2150-41dc-b661-442f3027f552Name8553196d-ec8d-4564-9861-3dbe931050c8Created8c06beca-0777-48f7-91c7-6da68bc07b69Titlefa564e0f-0c70-4ab9-b863-0177e6ddd247Modified28cf69c5-fa48-462a-b5cd-27b6f9d2bd5fDocument Modified By822c78e3-1ea9-4943-b449-57863ad33ca9Document Created By4dd7e525-8d6b-4cb4-9d3e-44ee25f973ebComments9da97a8a-1da5-4a77-98d3-4bc10456e700Scheduling Start Date51d39414-03dc-4bd0-b777-d3e20cb350f7Scheduling End Datea990e64f-faa3-49c1-aafa-885fda79de62Contactaea1a4dd-0f19-417d-8721-95a1d28762abContact E-Mail Addressc79dba91-e60b-400e-973d-c6d06f192720Contact Name7546ad0d-6c33-4501-b470-fb3003ca14baContact Picturedc47d55f-9bf9-494a-8d5b-e619214dd19aPage Layout0f800910-b30d-4c8f-b011-8189b2297094Variation Group ID914fdb80-7d4f-4500-bf4c-ce46ad7484a4Variation Relationship Link766da693-38e5-4b1b-997f-e830b6dfcc7bRollup Image543b…

PowerShell: get all fields / columns of a content type

this script both prints and write to a file

$site = Get-SPSite http://lamasadmin
$web = $site.RootWeb
$s = ""

foreach ($ctype in $web.ContentTypes)
if ($ctype.Id -eq "0x010100C568DB52D9D0A14D9B2FDCC96666E9F2")
$ctype.Name + "   " + $ctype.Id
foreach ($field in $ctype.Fields)
$field.Title + "   " + $field.Id
$s += '"' + $field.Title + '", ' + $field.Id + [Environment]::NewLine

$s >> "c:\test.csv"

and to write is as html
$s += '<tr><td>' + $field.Title + '</td><td>' + $field.Id + '</td></tr>'

Sharepoint Search - Anonymous, Rest API

the wonderful sharepoint search service, how do you enable it in anonymous site?
*i've tested all this in my sharepoint 2013 but as i understand it works the same in 2010.

the 1st point we must understand is that the more we want to enable in an anonymous site the more we need to take down security. so lets start!

initially indexing only the admin site, keeping the anon site without Win Auth will index your most of your published pages, excluding pages you checked the checkbox in their properties names "Dont show is search".

when the search indices an item it also indices it's permissions, therefor anything your anonymous user cant see he wont see as a search result. so the 1st thing he cant see is the admin site (the non-anon), and therefor we need to index the anon site. 

so now i want my list items from my list... how can i get that?

most simple solution is using the rest service (not search rest). that's great as long as you're satisfied with it. but you w…