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Post ngRepeat Code

all those questions,
How to run function after ngRepeat is done
Calling a function when ng-repeat has finished
ng-repeat finish event

all the answers in stackoverflow goes around
<ul><ling-repeat="item in items"ng-init="$last ? doSomething() : angular.noop()">{{item}}</li></ul> which are nice and are a real solution, while each answer eventually give the same solution a bit more generic.

one blog puts it quite better, while also enabling to choose the digest cycle stage, with the exception that you better use $parse instead of $eval:

but in the end we usually just do some simple JS or JQ code or plugin, and i think that the real solution here is a simple setTimeout since the setTimeout function gets pushed to the end of the queue of the browser, its always right after everything is done in angular, usually ngReapet which continues after its p…