Create Projected Field in Genesis

            ID = "{C3D3C5AF-C1D1-4ED8-B67F-E5BC23E401A7}",
            LookupFieldRef = "{0D4884FE-6D8D-4B8D-BB3A-9AEBD7D28AC0}",
            InternalName = "ProjectIDLookup",
            StaticName = "ProjectIDLookup",
            DisplayName = "$Resources:myRes,Field_ProjectIDLookup_DisplayName;",
            Group = "$Resources:myRes,FieldGroup_NAME_Title;",
            Type = SPFieldType.Lookup,
            LookupList = typeof(Lists.MyList),
            LookupField = typeof(Namespace.Elements.Fields.ID),
            Required = false)]

        public class ProjectedIDLookup: SPGENField<ProjectedIDLookup, SPFieldLookup, SPFieldLookupValue> { }


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