SharePoint Online/2019 javascript/spfx click/popstate not working

Are you working with SharePoint 2019? Maybe making some SPFx Extensions?  popstate not working?  click not working?  MutationObserver not working?  well, take a look at this As you can see, Microsoft are intercepting every click in the page, while stopping any bubbling. Therefor, any window/document/body onclick event will not work, in case you are trying to globally catch it. Same for popstate or MutationObserver. *Note - on SPO it seems that popstate event works. Solution - make an interval to keep watching href change: let   xPrevLocation  =  location . href let   xOnLocationChangeFunctions  = [] setInterval (() => {      if  ( location . href  !=  xPrevLocation ){          console . log ( "interval location change" ,  xPrevLocation ,  location . href )          xPrevLocation  =  location . href          for  ( let   i = 0 ;  i < xOnLocationChangeFunctions . length ;  i ++){              xOnLocationChangeFunctions [ i ]();         }     } },  350 ) Usage: window [ &#

debugManifestsFile Error

  Error loading debug script. Ensure the server is running and the "debugManifestsFile" parameter URL is correct. Error: Script error for " https://localhost:4321/temp/manifests.js " SOLUTION browse to  https://localhost:4321/temp/manifests.js  and allow to proceed to unsafe, and refresh the original page

SPFx with Angular, Full tutorial

 White you can use the pnp-generator , I really wanted to created this kind of solution all by myself, since I also wanted to implement it with SP-2019, with SFPx 1.4.x Part 1: Setup I started with a clean machine, installed LTS node 14.17.0 , and installed latest gulp, yo, sp-generator for yo, and angular-cli command: npm install gulp yo @microsoft/generator-sharepoint --global results: + gulp@4.0.2 + yo@4.2.0 + @microsoft/generator-sharepoint@1.12.1 command: npm install -g @angular/cli results: + @angular/cli@12.0.2 *NOTE - To the time of writing, I had an error generating browser application bundles so I downgraded to angular 10.x, and re-create the project npm uninstall -g @angular/cli npm cache clean --force npm install -g @angular/cli@10.2.0 And so our journey begins! Create new Ng project ng new ng-for-spfx-ex Create new SPFx WebPart Project - just  yo Part 2: Test NG with SPFx Within the  angular.json   file lets change the output path, I've made 1 folder, within I created

Windows run as a different user from CMD

 On my journey to fix my dev env I learned some cool trick on how to run stuff in windows as another user, from CMD * For running the .exe files you need to navigate to their folders or run full path The basic operation to run as user is runas /netonly /user:<DOMAIN>\<USER> <COMMAND> So, for example domain is MyDom, and user is OthrUsr - Just open CMD runas /netonly /user:MyDom\OthrUsr cmd - Open PowerShell cd "C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\" runas /netonly /user: MyDom\OthrUsr  PowerShell.exe - Open SharePoint PowerShell cd "C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\" runas /netonly /user: MyDom\OthrUsr  PowerShell.exe . "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\16\CONFIG\POWERSHELL\Registration\SharePoint.ps1" *According to your SP version the "16" might be 15 (for sp13) or 14 (for sp10) - Open SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)  (path can chage according to version) cd "C:\Progr

new SharePoint 2019 machine - cant login into SQL Server

 We have created a newly win2k16 server with sharepoint 2019, and it worked great... Until I tried to enable apps (SPFx), and I needed to create a Subscription Service, and therefor use the SQLSERVER. Whatever I tried I got these error depending on the test, with PowerShell commands (PS), SQL logs, or Sql Server Management Studio (SSMS). Error: 18456, Severity: 14, State: 5. Login failed for user '<DOMAIN>\<USER>'. Reason: Could not find a login matching the name provided. [CLIENT: <local machine>] Error: 18461, Severity: 14, State: 1. Login failed for user '<DOMAIN>\<USER>'. Reason: Server is in single user mode. Only one administrator can connect at this time. [CLIENT: <local machine>] Error: 18456, Severity: 14, State: 58. Login failed for user '<DOMAIN>\<USER>'. Reason: An attempt to login using SQL authentication failed. Server is configured for Windows authentication only. [CLIENT: <local machine>] In t

Setting new SP2019 dev machine for SPFx

I've made this collection for any other time me or you will get a new SP machine for local dev. Create your Web-App and change the hosts file with new value my-webapp Make browser stop asking for credentials endlessly Sometimes you want to enable multi rdp (not multi user, just multi sessions for same user) OR,-Log%20into%20the&text=Go%20to%20Computer%20Configuration%20%3E%20Administrative,Desktop%20Services%20session%20to%20Disabled. And in that case, enable open

SPFx migrating solution from Online to 2019

 Let me start that is would be much easier to just create a new solution, specify it as an 2019 and copy the code. But I'm an explorer type of man... So I did created another solution for 2019 and copied some files tsconfig.json package.json package-lock .yo-rc.json under /config , I matched the content of those files (dont copy-paste) copy-assets.json package-solution.json Also in all /src/webparts/<someWP>/<someWP>.manifest.json mark this line "supportedHosts" : [ "SharePointWebPart" ], And finally in your code dont use stuff like  public   listDetails :[]=[]  instead just  public   listDetails =[]