Copy SharePoint Online List with Data (with list items) to another site

 We have PNP!!! Using this post , and upgrading it with to the new PNP , this is the results 1. Make variable $listName = "listTitle" (hebrew works :)) $listName = "קריאות לבאטמן" 2. Make variable $templateName = "c:\template\HR-listTemplate" (or another path) $templateName = "c:\template\BAT-listTemplate" 3. Connect to SiteA Connect-PnPOnline -Url "" 4. Get list template Get-PnPSiteTemplate -Handlers Lists -ListsToExtract $listName -Out ("{0}.xml" -f $templateName) 5. Get items to that same file (peep to the xml file) Add-PnPDataRowsToSiteTemplate -path ("{0}.xml" -f $templateName) -List $listName -Query '<view></view>' 6. Connect to SiteB Connect-PnPOnline -Url "" 7. Provision the list Invoke-PnPSiteTemplate -Path ("{0}.xml" -f $templateName)  8. Go to site content and be pr

SharePoint Modern Site copy/save Theme to another site

In case you Provisioned a beautiful site with the PNP services of SharePoint LookBook , and you liked it, but wanted to take it out to another site... Well, MS did not yet gave us a way to save/copy a Theme... just a lot of ways to upload ones... I tried so mush downloading a site template with Get-PnPProvisioningTemplate Get-PnPSiteTemplate Invoke-PnPSiteTemplate All failed for so many reasons... BTW (1) dont change the name of the .pnp file, and if you get some "access denied" error, either become global admin, or use "-ExcludeHandlers" (i needed  Fields, Files, Lists, Pages ) Anyways... how I got it working 1. I used this endpoint to get the actual palette 2. And extraced the data accroding to this MS article  while converting the RGB to HEX code made in html/js in the end 3. I uploaded the theme to the Tenant With SPO services, for some reason, you can't connec

CPanel - WHM - change sending email via server to email Relay (email supplier SMTP) (mailgun)

Following this article While choosing mailgun as my supplier, and the help of one of GNS experts, here is what you need to do.  NOTICE this is for SMTP. Open your WHM, in the left search for "Exim" and click "Exim Configuration Manager". Within the new window opened there are some tabs, choose "Advanced Editor". Its Highly recommended that you save the old values for each place you make a change. 1. Find the area under begin authenticators Section: AUTH   and paste these values: mailgun_login:  driver = plaintext  public_name = LOGIN  hide client_send = : ...e3 change the last line to your email account name and your password 2. Find the area under Section: ROUTERSTART and paste these values: mailgun:  driver = manualroute  domains = ! +local_domains  transport = mailgun_transport  route_list = "* byname"  host_find_failed = defer  no_more

SPFx gulp bundle --ship Error - 'undefined' errored after "orchestration aborted"

 Using SPFx fro Application Customizer for SharePoint 2019. Did gulp bundle --ship. Error - 'undefined' errored after orchestration aborted" Resolve: move out the TS Type [] Problem:      public   MegaMenuListData :[] = []; Solution:      public   MegaMenuListData  = [];

Correct way to set Sharepoint calculated field for Month

 - the bad solution "if(Month(TODAY())=Month([ Created]))" The good solution FIELD "start the month"- returns this date:  =DATE(YEAR([Created]), MONTH([Created]),1)  FIELD " end the month"- returns this    =DATE(YEAR([Created]),MONTH([ Created])+1,1)-1

SharePoint Search move to another page with same Query and Filters

NOTE: this is classic SP, meaning 2013, or classic experience in 365, classic sites, or in my case, Publishing Site Collection, even on O365 - SP Online.  Scenario: I have a search page, for our randomly designed search results, with filters and paging, so far so good, SP provides everything except the design, for that we play with our design templates. Now our darling customer asks us to make a dynamic page for our singe item result.  Usually either we build a page-based system, and the results are pages, or even with documents-based system, usually we click on the docs and open them. In our case we had documents, in a  Documents Library (where else?), with some columns, and when we click on a result we go to a customized page that projects the metadata (columns) to that page. Again, so if we get a result for a PDF or Image, we now open another .aspx page, there we show the Title and Thumbnail and Description and so on of the file, most of them just more fields in the Documents Librar

SharePoint Generate Thumbnail to Documents

 Thank you this blog code:                 img = location.origin +                          '/_api/v2.0/sharePoint:' +                          (ctx.CurrentItem.Path.replace(location.origin, '')) +                          ':/driveItem/thumbnails/0/large/content?preferNoRedirect=true';