What every Browser knows about you

using this nice tool http://webkay.robinlinus.com/ to see how anon i can get, lets go

table will contain:
method (browser + proxy/vpn), location, OS, browser, plugins (of browser), hardware, prev page, public ip, local ip, ISP, speed.

surfing with just chrome, normal connection, the site i am visiting knows everything about me, that i use chrome (and what version), my location, my OS, my display hardware, the last page i've been, my exact public and local IP, and my download speed, the social media i am currently logged in, and that there is a devices in my network (i think its my printer).

now with tor, normal connection, normal config, leaving tor at its default size, JavaScript Enabled.

proxy's location
proxy's OS
right browser version (FF 52)
proxy's hardware and down-speed
social media not shown logged-in, yet i never logged in with FF or Tor, so i cant tell.
cant scan network

tor JavaScript Disabled:
that website does not show any info

what's my ip sites shows proxy

*Note that anything done with terminal ect, shows real ip


what my ip shows vpn ip

chrome shows EVERYTHING about me the same EXCEPT location and IP's, while do showing my lang, so chrome with vpn is half masked.

tor ip is double masked. with JS gets proxy data as above.

terminal shows vpn ip.


as long as you're just simple browsing, and just want general ip mask, vpn is all you need, although with time google WILL know its you.

any app you're logged in-to, bank, face, gmail, ect, know its you.

for real anonymity with simple browsing, go tor.

any advanced browsing to "safest", no javascript.

terminal work - vpn. And learn you're tool, vpn only masks you're ip.


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