Microsoft Flow - auto post in twitter and pinterest

The task at hand - a form, when filled, creates a post at [all] social networks, this blog is about twitter and pinterest.

Part 1 - prepare the image

Twitter needs "file content" in its media field, while pinterest needs an image url open to the public.
So [1st flow] was in OneDrive folder for those uploaded images, sending back the image ID to be used in the form. Can take a few minutes, sent to mail (better to send with the image).

The twitter account will create the public url for the image.

Part 2 - the form

Most simple form, Title, Content and image id into [2nd flow] a Sharepoint list. If you're sure you're never going to use more than 255 characters you can just use the title (i dont like to extend title fields characters limit).

Part 3 - to the social media

Next [3rd flow] when the SPItem is created, I use OneDrive "Get file content" for the file content and the "Title - Content" for the text, and post a new tweet.
I then query tweets as "from:@bresleveloper" (or whatever username) in order to get my tweet data, with limit of 1.
Since twitter data takes a minute I also used "Delay Until" with "addSeconds(utcNow(), 90).

NOTICE that if you post tweets separately that this flow you must wait for at least 2 minute before and after the process.

Unlike other twitter OOTB flows, this one returns an array of tweets and not a single one (even though the query count is 1) so i used "Initialize Variable" of type "Array" for the response, and to query the image url:


That "Compose" is used as the "Image Url" in pinterest, text same as above.



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