BresleveloperNS - My Javascript Namespace

*NOTE - I will update this as possible, so plz send my any suggestions to improve or make it more generic.
you can either download the entire JS file or scroll down and look for what you need!189&authkey=!ABZCTBTTOCDYGhk
Functions Summery Inside :D

the functions:
FileUpload_LimitTypes: create validation for a fileupload. can work with server check.
getQStringParameterByName: as it sais.
Alert: a JQuery modal to function as a standard alert
Confirm: a JQuery modal to function as a standard confirm with callbacks to operate afterwards
ValidateDatePicker: create validation on a datepicker for mindate, maxdate and dateformat.
ValidateDatePicker_All: as above but for all datepickers on page
PaginateTables: create a real and complete pagination for an html table 


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