Being a Developer - a sad story

background - today i am developing on Sharepoint 2013, and a very important note is that is a Microsoft platform that didnt got yet its SP1, and VS2012 and i dont know if it has SP1 yet, i think not.

i left yesterday leaving everything running superb, came today and bang - error everywhere and nothing works. to the optimistics i'll say i am running my own virtual machine on my machine so nobody has touched it period.

so with SP when you develop something in VS you need to deploy everything to the IIS and other directories (sometimes build is enough).

by doing that the deployment has failed, missing some file that is there, existing.

after iisreset, reopen VS, restarting the machine, he then decided that the missing file is another file.

i morally failed and call my team leader that, after deep investigations just started to cut in the web.config all the references to this dll until the back of SP finnally opened, to the non-SP devs its a webpage of configurations that have nothing to do with the rest of the sln code.

he then started to add them 1 by 1 and the magic - everything is working. all that is after 5 hours. yey MS!!


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