Jquery UI Modal Dialog Confirmation, Return Value

well lets start by the fact that u cant, the modal is a void, it doent return anything.
but then again god gave the JS creators the though to give us Callbacks!! problems solved!
just make ur "big" function a 2-3-x part.

lets start with the confirm code, I did it very generic and u can always add/remove:

function custom_confirm(output_msg, title_msg, okBtnText, cancelBtnText, ok_callback, cancel_callback) {
  if (!title_msg)
      title_msg = 'Alert';
      title: title_msg,
resizable: false,
      modal: true,
      buttons: [{ 
          text: okBtnText,
click: function () {
             if (ok_callback){

       }, {
          text: cancelBtnText,
click: function () {
             if (cancel_callback){

the Callbacks r just simple functions like:
function myOkCallback() {
   alert('I DID IT!! I DID A CALLBACK IN JS!!');
and more Callbacks for each extra button, so u have the calling function and the callbacks, like with ajax.

p.s. to us noobs:
custom_confirm(output_msg, title_msg, okBtnText, cancelBtnText,
function() { some code... }, function() { some code... })


  1. Great post, 10x

  2. I would have written:
    if(ok_callback) ok_callback()

    And same for cancel callback

    This way you have "overloads" without callbacks


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