Natas Powershell and JavaScript Helper (OverTheWire)

I did most of Natas from work, and there i couldn't have anything but Windows PowerShell, or the browser's console for Javascript, so here are examples how to use it for the game for anyone in the same position.


even though i tried not to have this a the solutions, its kinda the solution.

Level 4: HTTP Headers

# basics for working with .Net WebClient
# create a variable with a value
$u = ""
# creating new Object you need to specify the full namespaces and classes route
$wc = New-Object System.Net.WebClient
# this is how you send user and pass 
$c = New-Object System.Net.NetworkCredential("natas4", "............")
$wc.Credentials = $c
# adding headers.
# # adding a cookie is just "cookie", "name=value".
$wc.Headers.Add("header-name", "header-value")
# download the same html you see in "view-source".
# you can also more elegantly store this in a variable and print it lik
# $res = $wc.DownloadString(); $res.    with ";" you can chain commands in 1 line

Level 5: HTTP Cookies

notice that the "WebClient" class doesn't have a cookie collection, so its either crafting a sub-class, or using "HttpRequest" class, but there is always this option

$wc.Headers.Add("cookie", "name=value")

Level 18: Session Hijack

Just  how to do "For" loop in PS with some tip...

For ($i=0; $i -le 24000) {
    If($response.Contains("string value")) {


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