SPFX Make Application Customizer for version 1.8.x

github solution made just for you ♥

 1. create 2 projects, 1 as "2019 onwards" to select "Application Customizer" and another simple for SPO, I am assuming that the yo version in your machine is 1.8.x

npm ls -g --depth=0 @microsoft/generator-sharepoint

2.  change accordingly values in 



make sure you change words "webparts" to "extensions", also adding "ApplicationCustomizer" everywhere, including "...Strings" in last line of config.json

create the "..ApplicationCustomizer.ts" file and all the files in its folder

and create the 2 XML files under "sharepoint/assets"

copy the GUID from "..ApplicationCustomizer.manifest.json"  to the XML's (and serve.json)

3. create npm-shrinkwrap.json with the following

    "dependencies": {
        "graceful-fs": {
            "version": "4.2.2"
        "node-sass": {
            "version": "4.14.1"

and do npm install

4. make sure you have node 1.10.13 or less

gulp build; gulp bundle --ship; gulp package-solution --ship;

[might need "npm rebuild node-sass"]


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